Monitoring and Alerting (EE)

This chapter contains documentation on how to configure OpenNebula to work with Prometheus monitoring and alerting toolkit. The integration consists of four components:

  • A Libvirt Exporter, that provides information about VM (KVM domains) running on an OpenNebula host.

  • An OpenNebula Exporter, that provides basic information about the overall OpenNebula cloud.

  • Alert rules sample files based on the provided metrics

  • Grafana dashboards to visualize VM, Host and OpenNebula information in a convenient way.


This feature is only available for OpenNebula Enterprise Edition.

How Should I Read This Chapter

Before reading this chapter, you should have already installed your Frontend, the KVM Hosts and have an OpenNebula cloud up and running with at least one virtualization node.

This Chapter is structured as follows:

Finally you can find a reference of the metrics gathered by the exporters here.

Hypervisor Compatibility

These guides are compatible with the KVM hypervisor.