So we heard you want to try out OpenNebula? Welcome! You are in the right place.

This Quick Start guide will guide you through the process to achieve a fully functional OpenNebula cloud. In this guide, we’ll go through a Front-end OpenNebula environment deployment, where all the OpenNebula services needed to use, manage and run the cloud will be collocated on a single dedicated Host. Afterwards, you can continue to the Operations Basics section to add a remote Cluster based on KVM or LXC to your shiny new OpenNebula cloud!

In particular, Deployment Basic will get you an OpenNebula Front-end, ready to rock. First, please choose your fighter:

Afterwards, you can move on to Operations Basics to learn how to add Edge Clusters (i.e., computing nodes) and then finally to Usage Basics to deploy your VMs, containers or multi-tier services on your new cloud!