LXC is a Linux technology which allows us to create and manage system and application containers. The containers are computing environments running on a particular hypervisor Node alongside other containers or Host services, but secured and isolated in their own namespaces (user, process, network).

From the perspective of a hypervisor Node, such a container environment is just an additional process tree among other hypervisor processes. Inside of the environment, it looks like a standard Linux installation that sees only its own resources but shares the host kernel.

How Should I Read This Chapter

This chapter focuses on the configuration options for LXC-based Nodes. Read the installation section to add an LXC Node to your OpenNebula cloud to start deploying containers. Continue with the driver section in order to understand the specific requirements, functionalities, and limitations of the LXC driver.

You can then move on to look at the Open Cloud Storage and Networking chapters to be able to deploy your containers on your LXC Nodes and access them remotely over the network.

Hypervisor Compatibility

This chapter applies only to LXC.