WHMCS Tenants Module User Guide

Register an Account

To register a new account, navigate to the client area of your WHMCS install and then go to Account -> Register. Fill out the following form and proceed with user creation. After it’s completed you should be able to log in as that new user.

Order a New Service

To view the available products navigate to Services -> Order New Services. This page will display all available services which can be purchased. One can be added to the cart by clicking the corresponding Order Now button. After checking out, the new order will be created.

Upgrade a Service

To upgrade a product, navigate to the product’s page. On the left side there should be a button to Upgrade Product, which should show you a list of available packages to upgrade to. Simply add to the cart and check out much like when ordering a new service, and a new order will be created to upgrade your product.

Managing Services

As a user, when viewing a Product/Service there should be an action Login which should redirect them to the OpenNebula interface where they should be able to manage their Virtual Machines within the limits that the Product allows.