Use Cases


Browse the ever-expanding catalog of screencasts created by the OpenNebula Team to showcase interesting applications and integrations with third-party technologies and other open source projects.



Browse the catalog of screencasts and tutorial videos here.

User Stories

OpenNebula is used to implement different types of cloud deployments, from clouds tuned to address the demands of a niche market to clouds optimized to manage the virtualized resources in the data center. We are constantly collecting inspiring user stories from organizations using OpenNebula and interested in sharing their experience with the rest of the OpenNebula Community.



Browse user stories from organizations using OpenNebula here.

Case Studies

Learn more from OpenNebula users about how they are putting OpenNebula to work! See how its flexibility and simplicity, its true hybrid and edge capabilities, along with its compatibility with other open source platforms and third-party technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible and Terraform make it the ideal versatile solution for complex environments, no matter what the industry may be.



Browse case studies from organizations using OpenNebula here.