Virtual Network Functions (VNF) and Virtual Router

The VR in OpenNebula is a solution to common problems regarding management of VNETs and routing, including:

  • Keepalive Failover, High-Availability for the Service Virtual Router itself.

  • Router4, to fine control routing between your virtual networks.

  • NAT4, so you can enable your private virtual networks to reach the Internet.

  • HAProxy Load Balancer, a robust layer4 (TCP) reverse-proxy/load-balancing solution.

  • Keepalive LVS Load Balancer, so called layer4 switching, a high-performance load-balancing solution.

  • SDNAT4, a public to private, private to public IP address mapping (SNAT + DNAT).

  • DNS, a DNS recursor (to provide DNS to isolated virtual networks).

  • DHCP4, a DHCP server implementation (if the usual contextualization doesn’t work for you).

The full documentation of the VR appliance is maintained in the OpenNebula Apps project.