Datastore Types

Storage in OpenNebula is designed around the concept of Datastores. A Datastore is any storage medium to store disk images. OpenNebula distinguishes between three different Datastore types:

  • Images Datastore, which stores the base operating system images, persistent data volumes, CD-ROMs.
  • System Datastore holds disks of running Virtual Machines. Disk are moved from/to the Images when the VMs are deployed/terminated.
  • Files & Kernels Datastore to store plain files (not disk images), e.g. kernels, ramdisks, or contextualization files. See details here.


Image Datastores

There are different Image Datastores depending on how the images are stored on the underlying storage technology:

How Should I Read This Chapter

Before reading this chapter make sure you are familiar with Node Deployment from Open Cloud Deployment.

After that, proceed with the specific Datastore documentation you might be interested in.

Hypervisor Compatibility

This chapter applies to KVM, Firecracker, and LXC.


Hypervisor limitations:

Follow the chapter vCenter Storage for a similar guide for vCenter.