Image States Reference

This page is a complete reference of all the Image states that will be useful for administrators doing troubleshooting and developers.

The simplified life-cycle is explained in the Virtual Machines Images guide. That simplified diagram uses a smaller number of state names. That section should be enough for end-users and every-day administration tasks.

List of States

OpenNebula’s images define its state using the STATE variable. The state can be seen from the CLI (oneimage show) and from Sunstone (Info panel for the Image).

# State Short State Alias Meaning
0 INIT init Initialization state
1 READY rdy Image ready to use
2 USED used The image is being used by other VM
3 DISABLED disa Image can not be instantiated by a VM
4 LOCKED lock FS operation for the Image in process
5 ERROR err Error state the operation FAILED
6 CLONE clon Image is being cloned
7 DELETE dele DS is deleting the image
8 USED_PERS used Image is in use and persistent
9 LOCKED_USED lock FS operation in progress, VMs waiting
10 LOCKED_USED_PERS lock FS operation in progress, VMs waiting. Persistent